Hello beautiful people,

I wanted to remind you that you are always supported. You can call it anything you want, god, the universe, source, spirit, but know that you are fully supported at every moment in your life, even if it feels like you are all alone.

A common thing for many of us is that we find it difficult to believe we can have anything we desire. We get too busy with life, give our time and energy to others, stop focusing in what really is important, forget to take care of our own needs, our health deteriorates. It gets much easier to just complain and wait for something that is going to save us. We stop having visions of a beautiful life.

The #1 obstacle that is blocking us from doing and having a life we want to create is WORRY. We worry of the future, so uncertain and we feel like we don’t have control and anticipate that things won’t work for us. We worry of the past, keeping ourselves stuck in old stories that we believe define the person we are now. We let the fears take over and leave us worried and it is a crazy cycle that escalates – more fears creep in.

One thing you can do to remove the fears and worry is to ask for help. Send a prayer or even talk to yourself and say it outloud: Please remove the worry from my mind and let me see things clearly. I know and trust that all shall pass, this is a temporary process that will leave me with valuable lessons and no harm to carry on in my life.”

I invite you to watch this video I did on my FB page last week where I talk about the #1 thing that is blocking us from getting, achieving and having the life we want.

Always with so much love to you guys.

Your coach and friend,

PS. If we haven’t connected already, jump on my FB page here. I often go live and give words of wisdom, advice, coaching, sharing and opening up a forum of communication for all of us to share our story. I was going LIVE everyday for the month of May and most likely will do it again soon.