Thank you 2014…. and Welcome to my site!

Thank you 2014…. and Welcome to my site!

 thank you 2014


I’m so excited to share this space with you.  Not only will I share great information and healthy tips, but this will also be a creative medium where I can be ME and just talk to you.  I wish I could welcome you to my home, have some green juice, a bite, or some wine (yes wine because indulging every once in a while is good), but for now this will do.  This will be a place where we can build a community in search of support, motivation, inspiration, or simply to feed your curiosity in holistic health and healing.

I want to start this first blog with a practice that has brought me closer to my connection with what’s around me and how I can give back even in the simplest and smallest way.  In other words: self appreciation and having gratitude.  I want to acknowledge the people and experiences that were part of my life this past year as I am thankful for them.  A big thank you 2014!

It seems that this past year has gone by so fast, yet looking back at all the things that happened, it is no wonder I ended 2014 feeling so tired, but I am so ready to start 2015 with a more positive attitude.  My intention is to make this the best year of many more to follow.  All experiences, good or bad shape us in one way or another.  I have learned they are part of the process towards becoming a better and loving person, and indeed they have contributed to my growing heart and spirit.  So I invite you to learn a bit more about me.  Here are some of the things I am thankful for:

  • To start, almost a year from now, my 2 year relationship came to an end, I moved out of a beautiful brand new house that we had purchased together and sadly we had to separate our two kitties. Some people said, ‘I’m sorry your year started bad!’ others thought “Ekk, that’s not a good start, that might bring you bad luck for the rest of the year”  I still thank those souls who didn’t know better.  The end of a relationship is always hard at first, but we all know time heals everything.  I once heard that the best teachers in life are those who shake us a little or those who challenge our emotions.  It might be hard to believe as we’d prefer to delete the past, but those teachers unveil emotions that are what defines us as human.  So I’ve learned that a good practice is to ask that person who was transiently part of your life: What do you want me to take away from our time together?  What did you have me learn from this experience? Of course, you don’t have to do it in person.  As long as you ask that question, in a non-judgmental way, your mind should start looking for answers that would have not been obvious before.  So I asked the question, and the answers started flowing, and it was a therapeutic way of forgiving and forgetting, both him and myself.  I saw a divine guidance within himself and I thank him for sharing the time we had together.  I take away the great moments we shared together, learning from our differences and the difficult times we worked out.  I still send them love and compassion as I tuck them away in my memories.  After all, I don’t believe in holding grudges because a relationship didn’t work.  People come at the right time, share the moments we were meant to share and also leave at the right time.  Thank you JB.

  • Awakening into being single again helped me re-evaluate some things that needed some fine-tuning, career choices being one of them.  I got fired up to completely reboot myself and finally to follow my passions and do the things that I love.  Many people complain about having a less fulfilling job; that they are in a rut and getting by each day feeling unhappy and drained.  I didn’t want that to be me, and although I like the job I have now, I was looking for something more; something related with health care without the bureaucracy.  So I learned more about this thing I kept hearing about, the law of attraction and how powerful our minds can be in attracting what we want.  I learned to be clear about my passions and how to manifest them into my life.  For the longest time, I knew I wanted to work in an environment where I can help people while feeling that personal satisfaction and growth.  Focusing on health care was an option, but as a patient myself, over the last 3 years I didn’t have the best experience.  I had my first ‘ah-ha’ moment when I was sitting in community support groups and learning about nutrition, self-care, mind awareness and all things unconventional.  It was then that I knew I had to follow my passion of providing support and helping people transform their lives.  And here I am, becoming a health coach which perfectly fits with what I envision my role to be: to bridge the gap between clinicians and the patient, to provide support, to empower people to become their best, to be a source of guidance and inspiration.  Making a career change is a very scary thing, but very rewarding if it is something that aligns with my dreams and goals.  Although I still hold a full time job, I enjoy doing what I do and my intention is to still have fun while at it.  Eventually, as my business grows, I will have to say bye-bye to the mice and the test tubes.

  • As I was going through this process of transformation, my spirituality deepened.  To be able to inspire and be of service, I had to connect to my true self, to find balance in some areas in my life and to build a more positive mindset towards every day obstacles.  I connected with my spirituality in ways of meditation, journaling, harmonizing with nature, and reading inspirational books.  You see, to me being spiritual starts with ME and my connection with God, with what is around me, with people and the universe.  It’s about self awareness and being attuned with existence, feeling nourished and at peace.  I’ve been learning to pay more attention to my body, my needs, and recognize those around me as also beautiful souls (it helps if you see yourself in each person you interact with. Yes, even that lady who cuts in front of you on the freeway).  Although challenging, I’m learning to quiet my mind, to put myself as a priority and give me the gift of TIME.  I try to dedicate time to myself in which I can disconnect from the chaos and breathe in the good and exhale the toxic negativity that inevitably surrounds us.  A practice thathelps me with self awareness is to be grateful each day.  From all the people in my life, my family, friends, co-workers, my kitty, all the experiences I get to live each day, nature, my healthy body, the food I take, the job I have now, and those annoying people who during my commute test my patience and compassionate love for others.

2015 I am readyThese are some of the things I am grateful for because they positively contributed to my path of knowing my inner self.  As I was writing this blog, I wanted to share these personal experiences because now I know how it feels to transition from feeling trapped and confused to being relieved and clear with the choices I make.  When these PRIMARY FOODS (relationships, career, spirituality and physical activity) are well balanced and in harmony, my overall outlook in life is much positive and I get to make conscious lifestyle choices, starting with improved nutritional alternatives.  If I am happy with my relationships with the people around me, if I love my job or at least I am working towards creating that dream job, if I feel great on the personal level and find a time and space dedicated to myself; then I am more likely to make better choices of the food I eat and the products I put on my body.  Why? Because I am self aware of my feelings and not reacting by impulse if I let frustration win.  I am in tune with my connection with nature and my existence in this wonderful place.  Now, this cup of tea is not for everyone, and for those who do love their not so ‘green’ eating habits, bravo to you!, embrace it, own it if it really makes you happy physically and emotionally.  At the end it is all about loving yourself.