Guess who got to play with a baby llama?

Guess who got to play with a baby llama?

Once again on the road (plane) and get to spent quality time with my mom and visiting exotic places that have so much history and tradition. I am proud to call this place my home. This time i visited Cajamarca, Peru. 💕
 To tell you the truth, this trip was unexpected. I didn’t decide until last minute as I was helping my mom (who was already in Peru) plan her trip to Cajamarca with her cousin. Going over the itinerary made me crave for adventure again and without thinking it twice I bought my ticket and soon I was on my way to surprising my mom who wasn’t expecting me.
To say this was a magical time is an understatement. Once again, I was reminded that I belong to the mountains, the jungle, to small communities where one experiences a warm feeling of connection and belonging. Nature is my home. However, there were times when my mind was racing with feelings of guilt and frustration because I thought I couldn’t manage my time wisely. I felt disconnected from the things I wanted to do for my business or daily routine. My self care routine was off and I couldn’t commit with my ‘to-do’ list. I let my controlling mind run the show for a little while. I even felt bad for not doing my self-care rituals. Then I thought, ‘ I was on vacation! why the heck do I want to work on vacation?” On my defense, it is challenging to find time to do anything including my self-care, so I tried to take advantage of the time I normally don’t have.
Not only that, but I also noticed that people here do take their time to enjoy life. They also have the technology like cell phones and probably post selfies on FB, but I didn’t see many people doing that, unless they were tourists 😀
You see, we focus so much in the busyness of life, in producing, in going crazy trying thousand different things hoping one will work. We comply to expectations and labels… I am a coach so I should post inspiring notes, strategize, talk to 5 people a day, check emails, reply,…. I am a mother so I’m expected to take care of everyone (and leave my needs on the side)… I am ( — fill in your label — ) so I’m expected to ( — what you feel pressured to do — )
I remembered a wise advice frommy coach:
How is this opportunity helping me with my purpose in life?
How dealing with distractions, tour schedules, bad internet connection… is helping me with my purpose?
  • These opportunities were helping me unplug from the busy life and the routine.
  • My purpose revolves around my FEELINGS and how I make others feel. It is NOT about getting shit done for the sake of checking off a task in the daily list. It is about my experiences and how they make me feel. 💫
  • My purpose involves others, building connections and relationships with people. Sharing who we are, our gifts, our story.
  • the opportunities here were reminders to get back to the basics and making things simple. Why overcomplicating things? The body and the mind are always searching for balance and harmony, and we can find that when we allow ourselves to BE PRESENT in the moment.
 It was here in the middle of a new city, among strangers at first but family at heart, where I got reminded what I am doing here as a person, as a soul, EXPANDING LOVE ♥
I took tons of pictures of my adventures with my mom and I wanted to share some with you, so I made a slideshow for you to enjoy. If there is ever a time in the future your looking for a place to go, hope you consider Peru and let me know. I will give you pointers of where to go and what to do.

If you are like me, trying to take control of things, feeling like there is no time for anything, thinking that you have to prove yourself or others with a long to-do list and with as many tasks you can mark off…Let me ask you this,

➡how do you feel about the things you’re doing now?

➡do you feel CONNECTED or in DISCONNECT?

Take a few minutes and reflect on these 2 questions and feel what comes up! Let me know if you need guidance or just want to chat about them!😉