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Here is what is juicy at Wendy4Wellness: Superfoods. What are superfoods? they are power houses of nutrients, so nutrient dense that even eating a little bit makes a huge impact in delivering nutrients.

One of the common factors about superfoods is that they are high in antioxidants. Why do you care about antioxidants? Because ANTIOXIDANTS assist in the healing process of the cells, prevent inflammation by removing free radicals from your body, DNA repair, prevents viral damage, cancer damage. BUT they also get extra points for being awesome at other things. Read on….


BEE PRODUCTS – such as honey and pollen

  • reduces inflammation (stimulates immune cells)
  • promotes healing
  • hydrates the cell
  • nourishes the skin

TIP: besides using it to sweeten your drinks/foods -> can also be used as a facial mask!!! Mix it with a little bit of turmeric for a glowing skin (turmeric stains, so be careful with it)

Make sure you get good quality honey or pollen. Best from a Farmers Market because it is local, or Manuka honey can be found in Trader Joe’s 


SEA ALGAE– Spirulina, chlorella. Check out this blog featuring a showdown of the two. 

  • high amount of protein
  • detoxifies the body by removing heavy metals 
  • provides nutrients, iron, magnesium, Vitamins

TIP: you only need a small amount to add to water. If you’d prefer you can also get tablets.

This is one kind I buy for Spirulina.



  • contains BETANE, a compound that helps the liver to detoxify
  • a complete protein berry (contains 18 amino acids)

TIP: replace instead of cranberries or raisins with cakes or dessert. I use it with oatmeals. Can also soak in water and drink the water + eat the soften berries. 

I usually buy this brand and you can find it at any health food store.


CACAO read more about my journey to a cacao plantation

  • It helps with depression and mood swings
  • it contains co-factors that promote healthy metabolism.
  • It also has healthy fats, cacao butter can be used for chapped lips, stretch marks in pregnant women and even to help new mommies to heal from breast feeding 
  • gives you energy
  • combats premature aging

TIP: make sure you get more than 70% cacao content in your chocolate, watch out for sugar content in the chocolate found at stores. 

You can use them in smoothies, with cereal, power bars.



Check out this video where I will talk in a little more detail of what it is about these powerhouses of foods.


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