Hello beautiful people,

I wanted to remind you that you are always supported. You can call it anything you want, god, the universe, source, spirit, but know that you are fully supported at every moment in your life, even if it feels like you are all alone.

A common thing for many of us is that we find it difficult to believe we can have anything we desire. We get too busy with life, give our time and energy to others, stop focusing in what really is important, forget to take care of our own needs, our health deteriorates. It gets much easier to just complain and wait for something that is going to save us. We stop having visions of a beautiful life.

The #1 obstacle that is blocking us from doing and having a life we want to create is WORRY. We worry of the future, so uncertain and we feel like we don’t have control and anticipate that things won’t work for us. We worry of the past, keeping ourselves stuck in old stories that we believe define the person we are now. We let the fears take over and leave us worried and it is a crazy cycle that escalates – more fears creep in.

One thing you can do to remove the fears and worry is to ask for help. Send a prayer or even talk to yourself and say it outloud: Please remove the worry from my mind and let me see things clearly. I know and trust that all shall pass, this is a temporary process that will leave me with valuable lessons and no harm to carry on in my life.”

I invite you to watch this video I did on my FB page last week where I talk about the #1 thing that is blocking us from getting, achieving and having the life we want.

Always with so much love to you guys.

Your coach and friend,

PS. If we haven’t connected already, jump on my FB page here. I often go live and give words of wisdom, advice, coaching, sharing and opening up a forum of communication for all of us to share our story. I was going LIVE everyday for the month of May and most likely will do it again soon.


Celebrating the Woman who only knows of unconditional love.

Celebrating the Woman who only knows of unconditional love.

Mother’s day weekend!!!!
What I am about to tell you comes from a deep feeling of appreciation and love for the only woman who will do anything for ME. It is not a sad story, it is a story of love. It is a little bit of a long story, but let me entertain you with my thoughts as we celebrate our moms…
A mother will always do what is best for her baby, even if it means sacrificing herself or her own dreams.
I am not gonna lie, we had a rough, patchy start as we had to learn to live together after 10 years of being apart. I’d be honest, there were times I saw you as a stranger. I was told you were my mom, but sometimes my confused little heart didn’t feel it. I couldn’t connect with you, almost felt that the both of us couldn’t get used to our differences. You were all accustomed to the fast-paced life while I was just being me, a teenager not sure what to make of all the changes on top of figuring out my own life. All this away from what I called home.
For a long time, I’d feel like a victim (in many areas) and thought:
* WHAT IF my parents didn’t divorce?
* WHAT IF my mom didn’t have to leave Peru?
* WHAT IF I came along with her as she started a new life in an unknown country away from everything she knew and loved?
Yes, my life would have been different, but instead of focusing in the WHAT Ifs, I see all the gifts and blessings I got out of those situations:
* What a blessing I got to enjoy each parent separately instead of witnessing fights and arguments in a broken marriage. Thank you MOM because I wasn’t in the middle of it. You were a mom first and wanted the best for me instead of staying around for the sake of keeping the family together. You also knew what was best for you and stood up for that.
* I am thankful and admire your sacrifice to leave me behind to make a better living for the 2 of us and taking care of my grandparents too. I got to go to a good school, always had food on our table, grew up with the most loving grandparents in the world, always had toys and clothes (most of them what you sent from the US) and all THANKS to you, and only YOU. I still remember that afternoon when you sat me on the bed and told me you had to go away for a long time. I don’t think I had a reaction, I was already numb. That must have been a crushing moment for you. Fast forward to the day at the airport, I didn’t cry. In fact, all my other cousins were crying for you but not me. Not sure what went through my mind at that time. But you did it for me.
* I am thankful that you didn’t bring me along with you. Already as it was, you struggled a lot with getting used to the new home, new people, many jobs, discrimination, bullying because you didn’t speak the language, for being an immigrant. You barely had time to yourself, including finding a new love. Your biggest sacrifice was eventually enjoying a new and better life away from your little girl and family that you loved the most.
I might have questioned all these at some point, but I also know that you did all your best guided by your loving heart. We as children jump right away at judging what is not working for us. But REMEMBER: our parents do their best with what they knew and had at that time.
I also know I didn’t recognize all you had done for me, as I was just thinking about me. I am sorry if I made you cry, if I disappointed you, if I wasn’t that excited to come live with you, if it took this long to get where we are now. I had felt bad for the wasted time being in my own head and trying to figure shit out, but I also know it was just a process that my soul needed to go through to get where I am now, to get where WE ARE NOW, TOGETHER AS MOTHER AND DAUGHTER.
I am grateful for how my life unfolded. I am grateful I got to have mixed feelings, and found my way to loving and understanding your love. I am grateful for my self awareness and growth.
Many years have passed, lots of tears and laughs. We have the best relationship I could wish for, and I choose to look for these wonderful times over the WHAT IFs. Now I know why I chose you to be my mom. (They say our souls choose our parents before we are born). You are the best example I have of unconditional love. The kind of love I will soon experience myself. I am now blessed because I can spoil you, love you as much as I can, as much as you deserve. I am your biggest gift and I know that is all you want, all you need to be complete as a MOM.
Many people have said that I look like my dad, and for a while a was proud of it. But no, I can totally see the resemblance when she was younger, the same smile, even same eyes. I think in this picture I look more like her than I ever thought and I am proud of it. But what I feel the most proud of is that my heart came from a piece of hers <3 Happy Mother’s day my beautiful mom, Carmela.
With all my love <3,
Guess who got to play with a baby llama?

Guess who got to play with a baby llama?

Once again on the road (plane) and get to spent quality time with my mom and visiting exotic places that have so much history and tradition. I am proud to call this place my home. This time i visited Cajamarca, Peru. 💕
 To tell you the truth, this trip was unexpected. I didn’t decide until last minute as I was helping my mom (who was already in Peru) plan her trip to Cajamarca with her cousin. Going over the itinerary made me crave for adventure again and without thinking it twice I bought my ticket and soon I was on my way to surprising my mom who wasn’t expecting me.
To say this was a magical time is an understatement. Once again, I was reminded that I belong to the mountains, the jungle, to small communities where one experiences a warm feeling of connection and belonging. Nature is my home. However, there were times when my mind was racing with feelings of guilt and frustration because I thought I couldn’t manage my time wisely. I felt disconnected from the things I wanted to do for my business or daily routine. My self care routine was off and I couldn’t commit with my ‘to-do’ list. I let my controlling mind run the show for a little while. I even felt bad for not doing my self-care rituals. Then I thought, ‘ I was on vacation! why the heck do I want to work on vacation?” On my defense, it is challenging to find time to do anything including my self-care, so I tried to take advantage of the time I normally don’t have.
Not only that, but I also noticed that people here do take their time to enjoy life. They also have the technology like cell phones and probably post selfies on FB, but I didn’t see many people doing that, unless they were tourists 😀
You see, we focus so much in the busyness of life, in producing, in going crazy trying thousand different things hoping one will work. We comply to expectations and labels… I am a coach so I should post inspiring notes, strategize, talk to 5 people a day, check emails, reply,…. I am a mother so I’m expected to take care of everyone (and leave my needs on the side)… I am ( — fill in your label — ) so I’m expected to ( — what you feel pressured to do — )
I remembered a wise advice frommy coach:
How is this opportunity helping me with my purpose in life?
How dealing with distractions, tour schedules, bad internet connection… is helping me with my purpose?
  • These opportunities were helping me unplug from the busy life and the routine.
  • My purpose revolves around my FEELINGS and how I make others feel. It is NOT about getting shit done for the sake of checking off a task in the daily list. It is about my experiences and how they make me feel. 💫
  • My purpose involves others, building connections and relationships with people. Sharing who we are, our gifts, our story.
  • the opportunities here were reminders to get back to the basics and making things simple. Why overcomplicating things? The body and the mind are always searching for balance and harmony, and we can find that when we allow ourselves to BE PRESENT in the moment.
 It was here in the middle of a new city, among strangers at first but family at heart, where I got reminded what I am doing here as a person, as a soul, EXPANDING LOVE ♥
I took tons of pictures of my adventures with my mom and I wanted to share some with you, so I made a slideshow for you to enjoy. If there is ever a time in the future your looking for a place to go, hope you consider Peru and let me know. I will give you pointers of where to go and what to do.

If you are like me, trying to take control of things, feeling like there is no time for anything, thinking that you have to prove yourself or others with a long to-do list and with as many tasks you can mark off…Let me ask you this,

➡how do you feel about the things you’re doing now?

➡do you feel CONNECTED or in DISCONNECT?

Take a few minutes and reflect on these 2 questions and feel what comes up! Let me know if you need guidance or just want to chat about them!😉




Salmon Tacos in 30 minutes

Salmon Tacos in 30 minutes

  • 1 salmon fillet (I use frozen wild salmon)
  • olive oil
  • salt & pepper
  • cumin, paprika
  • 1 can black beans, rinsed
  • 1/2 red bell pepper, diced
  • 1/4 red onions, diced.
  • red cabbage, shredded
  • cilantro
  • 1 lime
  • jalapeno
  • splash of white vinegar
  • corn tortillas

In a cast iron skillet cook the salmon, 2 minutes until golden color. Flip over to the other side and cover so that it steams. Add a little bit of lime juice

In a small pot, sautee the diced onions and bell pepper. Once cooked and the onions are translucent, add the rinsed black beans and spices. Cover and cook for about 5 minutes.

In a separate bowl, mix the shredded cabbage with the cilantro, olive oil, lime juice and a splash of vinegar. Season with salt and pepper. This is added to the top of the taco or can be served on the side.

A personal story of a pirate with a big heart. {a story I never told anyone before }

A personal story of a pirate with a big heart. {a story I never told anyone before }


Who knew that an innocent story of a pirate in a children’s book could turn into my nightmare in 2nd grade. I was feeling lonely, ridiculed, damaged, ashamed. I was trying really hard to contain the tears, You know, that feeling when the eyes and nose get kinda prickly, and there is tightness in the chest and throat. Some kids in my classroom thought it was funny to call me names, like that of the pirate, because I was limping. Some would mock me and exaggerate my walk and repeat ‘Wendy, pata con hipo’ (leg with a hiccup, the name of the pirate). After seeing their fingers pointing at me and all that mockery, I quickly despised being seen, the center of attention or acknowledged (even in a positive way). I learned to hide and do the very least so I’d be unnoticed. The less people saw me the better. After all, what is cute about a little girl with some scars and a limp?

When I was really young, I had surgeries in my hip that left me with scars and a limp, so in itself, it was very uncomfortable to cope with it. On top of that, they also made fun of me because my parents were divorced and that I only had my grandma attend the PTA meetings. Man!, kids can be really mean sometimes.

So I grew up with a lot of insecurities, low self esteem. I thought I wasn’t good enough, less than others. I didn’t share my feelings, until now. I didn’t cry, or at least I tried to hold the tears because if I cried, people will see me even more weak and vulnerable than what they already thought of me. I didn’t trust people enough to talk about these things. Obviously this influenced my relationships with people including my love life.

The other day I went live in my personal FB page and talked about being in the best relationship, which is with yourself and how important it is to take care of it. I couldn’t help to get emotional. (Geez, and I thought that I got it all taken care of). But also, I had never shared those things before because I wanted to forget about them.

It took a long time, and many more hardships to realize they were all lies: both what people thought of me and what I learned to believe on my own. I had to learn to stop the self-criticism and accept myself and my actions trusting that they come from the heart. Of course, life has funny ways of teaching you what’s up, and it is up to us to pay attention.


Let me ask you this … How often do you tell yourself nice things instead of criticizing, or pay attention to your needs (like when you are tired, hungry or sad). Do you attend those first before doing anything else for the day? How often do you express your emotions, be your true self?


So, if you haven’t heard this lately, let me tell you,


You are much more and you know it.

For me, I try to keep this as a constant practice to remind myself how much I am worth, beautiful, purposeful, enough. I learned to see beyond the physical body and appreciate who I was [I know it sounds cliche, but it is really true]. A little self-love, kindness and compassion goes a long way and makes life WAAAAAAYYYYYYYY more meaningful. This new perspective is what I think keeps me grounded and focused in what I truly want to DO/BE in life.

I know it can be tough sometimes, whether it is the busy life, limiting beliefs or past memories we have not dealt with, I wanted to let you know that I am here for you. You are not alone. Here is the thing, the majority of my work starts with self love and activating that mindset muscle that we have in us, but has not been in active use 😛

I am offering a complimentary session to discuss and immediately identify what are those blocks that might be holding you back and what you can do to start feeling FREE and POWERFUL. Because you have that in you, and it is your time to own it! Click here to schedule 20 minutes with me.

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