Are you waiting for greater things to come in 2017?

If your answer is hell yes!!! let’s make some room for them because shit just won’t happen on their own.

So I had a couple extra days off for Christmas and what do I do? I conduct a major clean up at home. I started with the kitchen, donated and tossed food I didn’t need or wasn’t good anymore. Rearranged cabinets and drawers. Man! you get to accumulate so much. Continued with the rest of the house and ended with my bedroom which is still an ongoing process.

Forget about spring cleaning, it is winter/end of year cleaning. The end of a year is perfect to clean up and get rid of what is not needed, physically and spiritually. Get rid of what doesn’t serve a purpose anymore and make room for the new. Even if you don’t believe in all things woo-woo, it actually makes total sense, right? every so often we need to clean out and declutter what is not needed and is taking space.

But let’s back up a little….

In the past, I was the kind of person who would be conformist, would be happy to just get by and didn’t like to get uncomfortable out of my comfort zone. I also clung to things that brought me memories (even if they were sad and I wanted to forget). It was all good (for me) until I learned about my gifts as a person and as a teacher/coach that allowed me to discover my passions. This of course included learning and embracing my health challenges (yes, I accept them and see what positive they brought into my life). That’s when my coaching business was born.

What does it have to do with ending 2016 strong? That with getting out of my comfort zone and challenging myself to start something completely new (and with the possibility of switching careers), I learned to pay attention to what is important to ME now. This includes all things related with my health, personal life, business, my community, and the space around me, thus cleaning my house like crazy. I had to learn to let go…

Now, it is about bringing that awareness every day (or at least I try to) where nothing is taken for granted. The years won’t just go by unnoticed, new goals won’t just get lost as wishful thinking, and the lessons learned (or avoided) will have a special place because they somehow played an important role in my personal development.

This my friend is living with purpose, bringing awareness and enjoying what I have and getting myself ready for what’s to come. Because after all, anything is possible and you should always aim for greater things.

In order to get healthier and adopt some healthier habits, some mind work is needed. It is not just drinking green juices and slaving yourself at the gym hoping for a miracle. It is about learning and preparing yourself for it.

Here are some helpful tips to end the year strong and preparing you for an awesome 2017:

  1. Recap for 2016. Make a list of lessons learned, what was good about the year, achievements, what made you happy. What are you proud of? Anything you want to acknowledge yourself for, brag about it. This is your time to give yourself a pat on the back and shine, because maybe other people were too busy to notice. It is important to celebrate what gave us bliss and happiness, even if it was something small. If 2016 wasn’t so good of a year, that’s ok, also acknowledge it. Tell yourself it is all done and gone and now you are ready to move on.
  2. Clean out things from home that don’t serve you anymore. You can use the method from Marie Kondo. In her book, you’ll find an useful trick where you ask yourself if the item in question brings you joy. That way you identify the things that bring you happiness. Aww, that’s a good one, make sure you surround yourself with things that bring joy to your life 🙂
  3. Create a vision board (or vision book) Something about having a visual map of what you want helps focus your attention. But it is not just about having a big poster of what you want in life, some action needs to take place, and for that we need…
  4. Goal setting. it is not as intimidating as it sounds. it can be as simple as maybe cleaning out your diet, getting more exercise into the schedule, drinking more water, drinking less soda, sleeping better. Now, the trick is getting into action, but that’s ok, setting those intentions are the first (and huge) step towards your goal. Most importantly, and this is what helps me, is that I ask myself HOW I WANT TO FELL ONCE I ACHIEVE MY GOAL. When you bring your feelings forward, you are coming from a place of authenticity, being true to yourself. And your true self always wants you to shine. But don’t worry, if you need the tools and support, I am here to help you along the way.
  5. Clean out your email account(s). I must confess, I have 4 different emails and in all, I have at least 1000 UNREAD emails except my business email. With that saying, a goal for me will be to not subscribe to anything unless necessary.
  6. Challenge yourself with something you’ve been on the fence of doing. It could be a hobbie you’ve been wanting to do; learning a new language; get in the kitchen if that is scary for you; start a business if your heart calls for it. Be adventurous and discovery how much more you can do when you let loose a little. For this new year I am committing to be more creative and do some painting.
  7. Be grateful. Take into account all the things and people to be grateful for, and even the challenges to. They can have life changing lessons if we look at the closer.

I wish you a wonderful end of 2016, and much success and happiness in the new year!!!