Hello friends,

I hope your festivities were great and that you enjoyed your time with family, friends and good food. These past few days have been powerful and productive for me. With the extra days off from work I did some house cleaning, you know, throw out the old to welcome the new. I played in the kitchen, worked on my biz. I did a lot of self-care and my end-of-year reflections and planning for 2017. This was huge! and I will tell you why in a minute.

This was my New Years Eve

Unlike most people I suppose, I was sitting on my computer and with all my journals and planners laid out on the dinning table. But hey! don’t feel bad, it was my choice. Honestly, staying home brainstorming, planning and being productive sounded more sexy. Anyway, so I went down to business (literally).

First, I did this visualization exercise that I want you to try:

Close your eyes, and visualize the person you were back in Jan 2016. What were you most excited about? what were you wearing? did you make any goals for 2016? most importantly, how were you feeling back in Jan 2016. Try to get as many details as you can remember.

Take a deep breath…. inhale… exhale…. do this 3 times.

Now, fast forward to this Jan 2017, how are you feeling NOW? what are you thinking? do you see differences between the person you saw back in Jan 2016 and now? or is it the same person? what will you do this time that will be much different, -or the same? Breathe into it. How does that feel?

From here I went on to my journal and asked these questions:

  • What went right in 2016?
  • What am I proud of? what did I accomplish?
  • What was not good, challenging? (and the lesson behind it)
  • How did I feel about each experience?

Then I went a step further and asked myself, how do I want to feel going forward in 2017? For me, doing this helped me get clear about my mission and what I am committed to: To be confident and own what I have to give to the world. From that place of feeling confident and in touch with my feelings, I started mapping out what I wanted to achieve in 2017. Of course this was after a major brain dump, I needed to empty what was in my mind and put every single thought and idea down on paper so I could visualize things better. This my friend, was not writing down resolutions. It was about writing goals and desires from a place where I am connected with my feelings. Owning those feelings and keeping them present everyday is my north star, the driving force to achieve anything I want.

This visualization helps us see specially the differences, if we have learned or achieved the goals we often set up at the beginning of every year. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve already heard people complaining how they feel stuck, and here goes another year of doing the same thing. It is true for many of us. So it is obvious that if one feels stuck or unhappy about something in their life, it probably means that whatever they were doing was not working, right? So doesn’t it make sense to do something different? Now, you probably might say, it is not that easy. True, but having that limiting belief of doubt and ‘I can’t do it, I am not worthy‘ mindset is not a good starting point either and will keep you stuck… for another year.

It is more painful to feel stuck and we don’t do something about it than knowing that at least we tried.

In the end, as you can see it is not about resolutions. Wonder why they only last a few weeks and never work? Resolutions are just wishful thinking without any feelings involved. Sometimes we make them because they are the latest trend, or we compare ourselves and want to do what the next person is doing. 

I hope you can set aside some time to do this exercise of visualizing a great year ahead of you. Get out of the comfort zone and let your feelings guide you, even if it feels uncomfortable. Uncomfortable = growth​. My hope is that next Jan 2018 we can do this exercise again and see how much we have grown and achieved and are able to manifest whatever we want. 

This is a special time right now, this is the time of REFLECTION and CREATION. Yes, you can create the life you want

Here goes to another great year ahead of us. Remember, trust that you can do it, and ask yourself each day: HOW DO I WANT TO FEEL?​ and how that feeling is getting your closer to your goal.