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It is almost Christmas I know your time is pretty busy these days. So I will go straight to the point: what to gift people for Christmas?  If you are like me, probably you are scratching your head trying to figure something out. But every since becoming a health and wellness advocate and enthusiast about self-care, spreading more of that is what calls my heart 😃. For the health enthusiast or not, these gifts sure say how much you care for them. Note: I am not affiliated to the links posted here; however, if you are interested in the journals (picture above #1) or the essential oils, contact me here
So here are some of my favorite things to gift (or what I would like to have, hint, hint 😉  and it is not too late to get these:
  • Journals – you probably know this one is one of my favorites and I usually call it the cheapest therapy to clear the mind. Writing is the best way of expression that doesn’t necessarily have to involve someone else but only you. Along with this, comes art journaling, simply put, journaling in a way of drawing or painting is also a great way to relax the mind. You can get them at any stationary store, but if looking for something different and special, these journals are made from plantain leaves from the jungle in Peru. I use them for special notes and mantras to read throughout the day or to draw and paint since the paper doesn’t wrinkle out.
  • Planner – this makes total sense and is super helpful for those who juggle with their schedule, own their business. I’ve tried a few planners in the past and the one I am enjoying the most is the Passion Planner. Not only it is a daily planner, with goals for different time frames, but there are tips about how to make it more personal.
  • Coloring books – for some time now, adult coloring books have become the new trend when it comes to combining art, relaxation and stress reduction. They are not just for kids, and here is a fun blog to read where you can find pretty much a coloring book for any personality 😉. My favorites are the mandalas or the ones with nature and animals. But I must confess, I started with coloring books but lately I’ve been playing around with painting and watercolors, check here
  • Home made facial masks, lotions, oils (see recipe here) –  who doesn’t like to be pampered with a SPA treatment… at home! Hand-made creams, lotions and scrubs are so personable and good choices to care for the body with natural products and without any chemicals. Here are some DIY ideas to gift away, or for yourself: lavender bath salt, bath fizzles, facial scrubs.
  • Essential oils – are more than just a nice smell, these pure plant extracts (of course when coming from a reputable source) can deliver great benefits for our health, balance, at home remedies (specially as alternatives to harsh chemical products) and overall wellbeing. I use them pretty much all the time: have a drop or two of lemon, frankincense or peppermint oil in a glass of water first thing in the morning. I also use them when I make my own beauty concoctions (see above). If interested in learning more about oils or would like to order some, ask me. 
  • Tea set –  This is a set from David’s Tea I was gifted some time ago and I love i! and for the tea aficionado, also check these awesome gift ideas from Teavana, can’t go wrong with any of them.
  • Spiralizer – makes cooking veggies much more fun. You’ve heard of zoodles (zucchini made into strings that look like noodles) and you can do the same with pretty much any veggie to get the noodle or ribbon type. This one is a cool gadget to have. There are many types, some bulky and with attachments, others are hand held and take little space in the kitchen. Check this out for ideas.
  • Cast iron skillet/cast iron dutch oven – all things cast iron have become my new favorites in the kitchen. Three things I like about cast iron: 1) delivers heat more evenly, 2) last forever, 3) adds iron to our food. Every since I got a small 8 inch, I use it all the time for my breakfast frittata (recipe here) because it is personal size and easy to handle. Here is a 12 inch cast iron skillet so useful for bigger meals and it can also go in the oven.  One thing to remember is to care for it, including seasoning and clean up. Check out this site for more tips. 
  • Glassware food storage containers – glass containers are always a better choice for food, specially for left overs for lunch the next. You can store, freeze and even heat in them without the harmful chemicals found in plastic. This is a great investment for your kitchen. You can find good deals at Macy’s and also at Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Portion-control plates – I’ve had a few people ask me that it is difficult for them to measure serving sizes or that they don’t want to have to pull out the scale or measuring cup (although I must confess I don’t do this either, I just eye-ball it). But these plates are not just cute, but also great with the measurements already on them. The flowers are designed to mimic the right amount of grains, veggies, and protein, so you can more easily eat a sensible amount of food. 
There you have it, I hope this can help a little. Let me know what you’ve been thinking of gifting your loved ones, I’d like to know. Hit reply, I am always available through here. Happy shopping!
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