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Picture this, waking up fresh and energized, actually wanting to go to work, taking your time to get ready for the day and enjoying breakfast at home. You eat delicious and healthy foods and have the freedom to do what you love while dedicating time to yourself and your family. Overall, you feel great about life! 

But you realize that is not your reality now. Instead you struggle with morning fatigue, not feeling inspired to go to work and making excuses that self-sabotage your intentions to get healthier and happier. You try to eat more veggies, but at dinner time a slice (2 or 4) of delivered pizza sounds amazing! 

Not only that, but you struggle with confidence and allow fear take control of your decision. You feel stuck in life, with no time for yourself and feeling that your wonder years are just passing by. You have the intention to lead a healthier lifestyle but struggle with getting the right tools, and taking action seems to be more like ’never’ rather than ’now’. 


I know how you feel and let me tell you are not alone, you are not walking this path by yourself, ever again.


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my mission


Let me tell you a story: I know what it means feeling stuck, exhausted, and always wanting to change things up, but not knowing where to start. A few years ago I was at a crossroad, debating what to do with my career and life. I was missing that sense of belonging, that fuzzy feeling you get when all you want is in front of you: at 34 I envisioned myself married, with a couple of kids, in a cozy home and chasing our dog away from the kitchen to keep his muddy paws away from the impeccable floor. Oh and lets not forget about having a fulfilling career and enjoying a happy life! I mean, I deserved all that and everyone around me was reminding me that I was falling behind. Yah, yah!! I know, I am not getting any younger… 



On early January 2012 I got devastating news….. I was diagnosed with cancer, non-hodgkin lymphoma to give it a fancy name. Pretty fucked up situation for anyone with so many dreams and a purpose to share in life. In my mind I was facing a scary LIFE and DEATH situation. Even though deep inside I knew cancer doesn’t kill your right away, unless it is discovered when it is too late, all my dreams went down the trash and I immediately thought that my days were in a count down. The discovery was by accident, I was searching answers for other symptoms I had (which turned out to be a benign never tumor, and not related to the cancer), and interestingly I never showed symptoms of the disease. The tumor was removed and as far as the cancer?…. ehh, nothing. I was advised to be in what it is called the ‘watch and wait’. Read more about my journey HERE.


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As you could probably guess, my life turned around 360 degrees. I went through a process of denial, anger, uncertainty, physical and emotional healing. In reality, living with cancer is a mind game, everything is questioned and nothing is taken for granted. I learned so many things from this healing process, and the first one was to learn to live with cancer, and not to die from it. This was an eye wakening experience with powerful take-aways:


  • A positive mindset is the best tool to a fulfilling life, despite of a disease 
  • Fear can be a powerful tool to propel us forward
  • Food is our medicine and you are the best doctor for your health
  • I learned to bring awareness and gratitude into my life 
  • I evolved and changed some life habits that improved my health – Self care is essential!
  • I started to love myself and pay attention to my needs
  • Cancer made me evaluate my life and you know what?…. I FOUND MY PASSIONS!
  • I found a way to do what I love while helping people get back to the lifestyle they dreamed of


I am so grateful I can be here today and tell you how that situation changed my life around. In a way, cancer allowed me to discover my real purpose, to guide and empower people like you with practical and attainable skills so that they can live a healthy and fulfilling life. Sounds crazy, but a cancer diagnosis shifted my life in the direction where I could make an impact in people’s lives.

 core belief 2

YOU also have the power to find your purpose while living the life you desired. Whether you are struggling with health or want to improve, you can make small changes to create a ripple effect in other areas in your life. YOU are open to learn and committed to get started in this revealing and healing journey. YOU are fearless to step into different experiences as you get out of your comfort zone in the kitchen and outside. YOU want to be challenged, otherwise how are you going to grow right? That a girl! I knew you’d agree with me. Psst…. you just didn’t have someone tell you this yet.


when we work together




  • You will love veggies and healthy fats that you will be craving them for breakfast
  • You will have a party with fermented foods in your tummy, (not talking about the alcohol here guys!), and they will even bring more awesome friends (hello probiotics!!)  
  • You will learn that oil is not just good for fried chicken. It can be your best friend in the bathroom
  • Speaking of bathroom, make sure you leave the door open; we will have an open and serious poop talk (it can say a lot about your health)
  • You will look at yourself in the mirror and say how much you love what you see 
  • You will own your power of intuition, learn about your body and how to best care for it
  • You will gain more energy, feel healthier and reduce stress in a more holistic and natural way
  • You will get out of your comfort zone, confront fear and ditch the negative beliefs that stop you from moving forward
  • You gain confidence, learn to trust yourself and be open to new experiences
  • You will say goodbye to procrastination, stop sabotaging yourself and start taking action to eating healthy because when you have the right tools, having more energy, feeling great and losing weight comes naturally without obsessing about it
  • BEST OF ALL, you will gain a bestie to give you some tough love, because to be honest, I will challenge you to be your best. Believe me, you CAN DO IT!!



And, by the time our work together is done, you will be able to feel confident with your healthy choices, live a healthier and happier life while being an inspiration to others around you.


let me ask you this

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velcrokittyPsst….a few little things you didn’t know about me…

I was born and raised in Peru and go back there every year

I was an only child but grew up with tons of cousins and I never got in trouble

I never cared for cats but after my last relationship, I ended up taking one of his cats, which I LOVE to death. Her name is Velcro, and she does think she is a princess

I get my raw cacao straight from the source, the jungle in Peru. I am thinking of bringing people along with me next time. Wanna join?

Food that I used to hate and now I adore: kimchi. There is something special about making (fermenting) your own food that you know is good for you. Hello healthy probiotics!

I still work in a field of my studies, science research, which has helped a lot in understanding dynamics of the body and disease 


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With much Love and Gratitude,

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