Recipes and Tips

I dedicate this section to YOU! I believe that the most profound way to EXPRESS LOVE IS THROUGH FOOD, it brings people, communities, cultures together.  It’s the best way to learn from one another, from where we come from, and sharing memorable moments and experiences at the table while savoring a delicious meal or even sharing a smoothie or avocado toast!

Buen Provecho!

blueberry swirl


Fun and easy to make drink recipes with natural and whole ingredients that are nutritious and promote health and well-being. You will find an array of juices, smoothies, teas, milks and maybe even cocktail recipes. Have fun with them!


salmon nicoise salad


Salads don’t have to be boring iceberg lettuce and store bought salad dressing. Forget about store-bought frozen appetizers. You will be surprised how a few fresh ingredients make a big difference if keeping it simple. 


kale pesto sauce and fusilli


Healthy dishes that display a variety of fresh and nutritious ingredients.  You will find from quick healthy meals to more elaborated dishes.  At the end it is all about having fun in the kitchen and giving love to the ones that matter to you the most through food.

coconut mango ice cream


How many times we hit the 4pm slum hour and our bodies are craving for something sweet. Instead of going to the cookie jar or hidden emergency snickers bar, you can go for healthier options to satisfy that sweet tooth. Yes, healthier options!

sugar scrub


I always look for healthier options when it comes to personal care, cosmetics, kitchen hacks and incorporating healthier habits in my lifestyle. I believe going back to natural and keeping it simple are what can drive us to optimal wee-being.