We start the challenge Monday May 1st!


Spring is here and it is time for some cleaning and tidying up our diet a bit (and everything else that involve our health).

It is Spring Cleaning time, and you and me need some accountability with some things that we’ve been saying ‘I’ll do that someday….. I will get to that right before summer….. I will do it when I have time….’ The truth is we need to fuc*@^ do it, and this challenge is a great way to do it together and support each other.

I will be honest, it is darn hard to keep up healthy habits, it takes discipline and constant reminders to keep the practice going. Ok, like, how many times have you said you were going to stop eating sugar starting Monday and by Tuesday night, you are holding a tub of your favorite cookie and think ‘this is my last one’… but there is never a ‘last one’. We sometimes need help here, and be supported as we learn and adjust to new habits.

This Spring Cleaning Challenge is equivalent of a cleanse but without the harsh fasting regimen. It will be a gentle way of remembering what foods are important for us, how to clean out things we don’t need around us, including the people that probably are draining your mojo.

This Spring Cleaning Challenge will help you:

  • Learn about the foods that enhance a gentle cleansing and those to avoid
  • Get rid of bloating and feel lighter (you might get rid of some pounds 😉 )
  • Have better digestion
  • Feel energyzed and physically
  • Slashing out brain fog and gaining some clarity
  • Learn about the practices that help to reduce stress
  • Clear skin
  • Experience better relationships with people around you
  • Experience more compassion that you want to share with others


And you know what is more fun? that we can do all this in our own FB group where i will come in every day during the 5 days to share with you the tips, recipes, ideas for the day as well as sharing my day to day experience through the process (in case you have questions) I think this is an important component where we can support each other even more and make this an interactive place, like a classroom! but more fun 😉

So come on in and join us. We start May 1st!

See you there!