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Don’t you get a travel bug bite sometimes? Whether it is planned or a spur of the moment, sometimes we just need to get out to explore and be adventurous. But does it mean that we forget to take care of our body and mind?  Every now and then it is ok to be ‘bad’, get out of the routine and collect new experiences, because in the end it is all about having fun, right?

It is always exciting to visit a new place, or maybe family and friends. But, with all the excitement and craziness it is easy to overlook essential practices to keep us grounded and healthy. For instance, sometimes I get too excited with food and eat what’s in front of me. I mean, how can I say no to some foods that I don’t get to eat regularly or are gifts from family. So I might have a bit too much to eat and my tummy is not very happy the next day. This is not good news specially since food is the highlight of any trip.  The thing is, we have to remember that when we travel, our body has to adjust to the new changes. This also means that we will get outside of our comfort zone or our usual routine. We then end up eating a bit too much, drinking a few too many, sleeping less, etc.  So remember to be gently with your body and mind and give yourself lots of extra love.

In this video I am sharing my top 5 tips that are helpful when traveling.

  1. Get plenty of water – hydrating is very important when on a trip. We all know that water is so essential for the cells and especially to get rid of toxins as well as any other waste. It also helps move things along during digestion. Make sure that you drink pure and clean water and think twice about tap water, you never know what the regulations are and how clean the water is.
  2. Start easy with food – we all get excited when eating delicious dishes from the places we visit, but we also have to be conscious of our tummy and digestion as we adjust to a new place. I’d recommend to start by eating easy to digest foods and try to resists eating all the food that is presented in front of you. I know it is hard, but at least for the first 2 days be gentle.  You must treat your tummy good so you are able to enjoy the rest of your trip and not visit the bathroom too much. I personally take a good probiotic to reinforce my intestinal flora and a digestive enzyme supplement that is very helpful with bloating or when eating things that are a bit tough for the tummy. I take these from USANA that have helped me a lot while on this trip.
  3. Carry a journal – this is one of my favorites just because I love to write. But really guys, journaling is not only a great way to record your memorable experiences and adventures, but also to plan out your days. I also use journaling as a way to free the mind as I personally get over-excited with so many ideas and things to do (whether traveling or not), so I prefer to write all things that come across my mind so I can organize them and prioritize them.
  4. Keep your calendar open – even if we plan a trip, it is best to leave some room for ‘unexpected’ events or situations that might just happen. The weather could change and that tour just got cancelled, or plan might just change. It is best to either keep options available as well as having a good attitude to adjust to change.
  5. Be patient with differences in culture/people/habits – the fun part of traveling to another city/country is so that we get to learn about the people and the culture.  BUT, during the learning process we might encounter differences. That might include things like traffic, food  and even the way people value time for instance. I’ve noticed that specially when traveling we have a time constrain, while locals are more easy going and free flowing with what happens day in and day out. Acknowledge that we all value things differently and we just have to adjust to those changes.

Next I will send you my top 5 self-care tips while on the road. You know me, I am all about self-care and specially when traveling we have to be mindful of the things we can do to care for our body. In the meantime, here is a great way to keep self-care in mind with 5 easy tips in 5 days. Join me for the challenge by signing up bellow, you will enter my FB group Your Wellness Lounge and join the fun in incorporating self-care practices into our lives that can easily be included when on the road 😉

Safe travels!

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