I love this recipe because not only you get a good amount of veggies without thinking about it, but also because it is light and ….. just delicious! You can choose any veggies you’d like as well as adding some sausage if you want a meaty breakfast.

Ingredients: (serves 3-4)

  • 2 tbsp diced onions (optional)
  • 2 medium size zucchini (spiralized or cut out thinly)
  • diced red bell pepper
  • maitake mushrooms
  • 4 eggs
  • feta cheese, crumbled (goat cheese is as good)
  • olive oil
  • S&P, cumin, smoked paprika, turmeric
  • other veggies that work as well: broccoli, green onions, cauliflower, squash

zucchini frittata wholeI used to make this in a regular skillet which was ok, but the challenge was at the time of flipping the frittata, if big enough, most likely it will break. Like in this picture 🙁  –>

But, aha!!!! using a cast iron skillet is soooo much better! Not only it cooks nice as it retains heat and stays hotter longer, but also, it is a cool presentation for your table. Plus, if you are iron deficient, cooking in cast iron cookware can boost your iron intake. The trick is that your cast iron has to be well seasoned. Some tips for care are found here. (I will write more on cast iron cookware for the pros and cons) Anyway, cast iron is much much better!

Before you start, turn on the oven broiler.

Sautee the veggies. I usually do in this order: onions first, garlic, mushrooms, zucchini, bell pepper, and all seasoned with the spices. I personally don’t like my veggies overcooked so this takes only a few minutes. 

veggies for frittata

In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs, add some salt and pepper and add to the cooked veggies. Reduce the heat to low.

Add the crumbled feta cheese over the veggie and eggs, spreading evenly. 

Once the bottom is cooked (it takes about 2 minutes), transfer to the broiler so the top cooks to a golden brown. This takes another 2 minutes. Yum!!! 

Serve with tomato salad and avocado. 

**Note:  It is best to use a small skillet so the eggs won’t spread out too much. Also use med-low heat. If you have a cast iron, it will be perfect because you can also finish it in the oven without having to flip the frittata 🙂

So, this is pretty much what I eat most weekends, yum!!